Being a member of TRANSPRIME is a guarantee of connection to the current logistics debate to receive and share information in present tense. Having TRANSPRIME as a representative in local, national & international institutions is a guarantee of innovation and rapid updates as well as a direct involvement in getting to know the shippers’ unique perspective & point of view. Please contact us to join the association and to get a detailed and full description of advantages.

There are two membership types:

  • ASSOCIATE MEMBERS. This membership type corresponds to shippers and awards them to have the privilege of being collegiate members in the professional logistics association of TRANSPRIME registered at the Spanish Ministery of Transport (Ministerio de Fomento). This modality awards members to be present in the design of the items of interest in the Spanish logistics agenda.
  • ASSOCIATE PARTNERS. This membership type allows all logistics stakeholders to share their projects & knowledge among all members of the association and also to participate in the conclusions and position papers triggered from the shippers’ perspective.

Download the executive summary

Reference document in Spanish language about the advantages of TRANSPRIME membership, the annual calendar of events and the goals achieved by TRANSPRIME ever since its foundation.

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