Transprime – Spanish Shippers’ Council

Founded in 1978, TRANSPRIME is a multisectoral professional association formed by relevant shippers with a common connection point: the debate in logistics and the supply chain. TRANSPRIME is an agent of institutional representation, accelerator of logistic efficiency as well as a reference forum. Regular meetings, seminars, presentations and activities are carried out to trigger a deep logistical knowledge based on innovation, competitiveness and continuous improvement from the shipper unique point of view, as an essential part of the supply chain. TRANSPRIME represents shippers at three different and complementary levels: at local & national level, in logistics forums with direct participation at institutional reference bodies, at European and international level, being the the Spanish National Delegation of the European Shippers ‘Council (ESC), and at global level, by being a member of the Global Shippers’ Alliance (GSA).


To be a transversal association of industrial companies and logistics actors, as well as a meeting point and reference forum formed by professionals and experts with experience and responsibilities in transportation and logistics.


To be the Spanish reference agent that represents shippers. To contribute to industrial competitiveness by improving transport and logistics while being the meeting point of the best professionals.


Integrity, collaboration, thoroughness, innovation and proactivity are the pillars that inspire and guide our internal conduct and relationship among our members as well as external relations with other stakeholders of the supply chain.

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